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  PVC透明塑料软门帘 PVC Transparent Plastic Soft Door Curtain


  Rising Sun Huanzhao soft curtain uses Japanese advanced technique and production technology, and international-standards, high-transmittance, high-strength, high-quality PVC soft curtain material. Products are mainly orange insect proof curtain, low-temperature freezing curtain, electrostatic resistance curtain, high-transmittance insulation certain and isolating curtain. Rising Sun Huanzhao is one of the earliest brands in domestic soft curtain market.



  PVC transparent curtain: mainly high-transmittance plane, blue transparent type. Mostly used for temperature keeping in winter and convection block in summer at the gates and passages of shopping malls, supermarkets, ent


  Suspension-type curtain: it combines main features of stationary type and the push-pull mode to make it more convenient and stable. Also, convenient to single curtain pieces’ adjustment and repair. Stainless steel pendant of elegant appearance and economic, practical iron plates make it more perfect.erprises and institutions. Dust-proof, insect control, noise reduction, constant temperature and humidity.


  Advertising soft curtain: can be customized according to the factory’s requirements, print or past corporate image or slogan above it. It is translucent and can advertise for the product and the company.


  Curtain skeleton and the pendant: skeleton is divided into stainless steel and iron frame, stainless steel skeleton is economic, benefit, durable and an iron skeleton is relatively cheaper.